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Classic Facial:

Gentle Exfoliating Massaging Facial Brush/

Herbal Aromatherapy Facial Steamer/ herbal satchels/ Essential Lavender Oil 

This herbal aromatherapy steamer heats distilled water to produce a high pressure steam for delivery to the skin. This helps to open pores and relaxes face muscles to aid in the extraction of impurities.

Pore Perfect Hot

Hot Treatment: One side of the hammer will reach a toasty hot temperature for use in stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin and to relax and open pores.

Vacuum Extractor:

Utilize the Vacuum Device with glass ventouse attachments to remove pimples and blackheads. Larger ventouse can be used for extraction of troublesome cysts and comedones. Exfoliation, Therapeutic Massage (face, neck, shoulder),  Revitalizing Masque followed by a Nutrient depending on your skin type. 

 Cold Hammer:

Cold Treatment: The other side of the hammer reaches a frosty cool temperature. This provides a cool soothing effect to overheated or tired skin. The cold hammer is a great way to close pores after you have finished a moisturizing treatment - locking moisture into the skin.


Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber + Classic Facial 

This procedure is used to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin. The skin scrubber safely removes the top layer of dead skin cells while blasting the pores clean with its vibrations. The Ultrasonic sends streams of high speed vibrations into the epidermis layers at incredible speeds of 28,000 vibrations per second.

These safe high frequency vibrations are scientifically designed to remove any imperfections under the skin such as dead skin cells, dirt and grease particles and black and white heads.  ​

The added benefit is a lifted effect that creates ultra-smooth, soft skin

  • Flat Ultrasonic Probe: can also use  to increase circulation around the eyes removing dark circles or 'bags under the eye'.


Patent Pending Diamond Microdermabrasion Skin Softening and Exfoliation System + Classic Facial 

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation of the outer dead layers of skin. This procedure removes the outermost layer of skin cells and stimulates cell growth in the underlying dermis. Microdermabrasion helps give a smoother, fresher appearance to the skin.

Diamond microdermabrasion skin softening and exfoliation system.  This system uses a revolutionary solid-core double-headed diamond microdermabrasion wand, and a separate skin tightening vacuum wand with massaging nodes.  Follow the new protocols and see improved results from all your microdermabrasion treatments.

  • Treatment Use: Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, uneven pigmentation

  • Expected Results: Vibrant, healthy and glowing skin with diminished signs of aging and scarring.

  • Treatment Time: Less than 20-30 minutes per session (multiple sessions needed)

  • For Best Results: Have a minimum of six sessions, seven to ten days apart

  • Recovery: No downtime

Needle-Free Mesotherapy (Aquaphoresis)
Fat Burning & Cellulite Smoothing Module + Classic Facial 

Many people are affected by unsightly dimpling cellulite , stretch mark and dull sagging skin. Needle-Free Mesotherapy offers a way to combat these issues in a safe, non-invasive technique that you can offer at salon or spa.

Unlike traditional Mesotherapy, needle-free Mesotherapy (often called “Aquaphoresis”) does not require a series of injections. In the hands of a properly trained technician, there is little discomfort, no pain, and no bruising.

Needle-Free Mesotherapy utilizes a low-energy laser in combination with a safe, alternating electrical current to treat sagging skin, stretch mark  and cellulite. This treatment increases micro capillary circulation, promotes healthy elastin and collagen, targets cellulite tissue, and enhances lymph drainage.

Needle-free Mesotherapy helps to deliver therapeutic agents through the skin to targeted areas with specially formulated serums and gels.

  • Mode for Skin Lift & Firming, Skin Lightening and Deep Moisturizing

  • Mode for Sensitive Skin Mode

  • Mode for Oily and Acne Prone Skin Treatment

  • Mode to treat Extra Dry Skin and High Cellulite Areas

High Frequency Acne  Treatment + Classic Facial 

Ultraviolet Electrodes sterilize skin and increases circulation. This machine kills bacteria to eliminate and speed healing of blemishes.

Magic Gloves Microcurrent Bio-

Face Lift Massage

Use these gloves to provide a more intimate and controlled Iontophoresis treatment for your clients. Magic gloves are designed with two poles (positive and negative) to enhance the ability of water soluble active molecules to penetrate deep into the skin surface.

  • Gloves pulse with painless microcurrent electricity to deliver serums and products deep into your clients skin

  • Much more intimate and easier to control than galvanic electrodes

  • Electric stimulation tightens and tones muscles - reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Helps to normalize the skin to provide a clear, glowing complexion without oily and dry patches.

  • Digital Microcurrent Bio-Face Lift

  • Often called the "Lunchtime Face lift" or "Non-surgical face lift", Microcurrent Technology utilizes electrical impulses to help increase ATP and collagen production. This enables the tightening and toning of the skin and muscles in the treatment area to provide a youthful and vigorous look.

  • In the hands of a properly trained operator, the microcurrent can retrain the muscles beneath the skin eliminating dynamic expression lines and wrinkles while lifting and toning the skin.

  • Use the Bio-Lift Microcurrent machine with Skintensify Professional Series Skin Serums and Conductive Facial Gel with DMAE for optimal benefits and visible results.

  • Benefits:

  • Non-invasive skin firming & muscle toning

  • Increase in youthful look through ATP and collagen production as well as micro-capillary circulation

  • Retrains muscles to eliminate dynamic expression lines and lessen gravitational folds and wrinkles

 We use a laser device  to remove various elements on the skin: moles, skin tags, age spots, birthmarks, dark spots, skin pigmentation, freckles, small or thin tattoos.Topical Anesthetic Cream is applied  for pain relieve the skin area before getting any kind of painful procedures. Using Aquaphor to keep skin moist  when the skin start healing and scabbing to avoid itching. Under the care, do not scrub or apply any kind other creams or makeup  to eliminate skin's  infection or reaction .Recovery period is  3 moths or so,  it's suggested that during the recovery period is unfavorable eat Ginger (affect the skin smoothness) Beef (reduces light red) Soy Sauce ( produces light black). In convalescence, the good thing above the skin be  restored to its original 95% of skin burn pigment direct  by melanin. Scab off the pigment in the skin such as follow s scabs all fall out , absolutely no infection. The treatment is needed to consultation in person we charge by area of treatment. 

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