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Lip Liners/ Ombre Lips

 Correcting Uneven Lips Skin Tone 

Create Stunning Ombré Lips. 

Reshape Thin Lips  For A Fuller Look

Correcting uneven lip skin tone  or create stunning Ombré Lips. Full, sexy lips are better which is especially true  when it comes to womens' lips. We strive for the restoration of natural and beautiful lips. Our artist will design and contour your lips from a thin look to a fuller pout. We can create and design new luscious lips. Full, kissable lips are always in style. Imagine having fuller, more vibrant and younger looking lips without having to apply lipstick. Your lip shape will be designed, and custom color blended. Customized pigment is applied with  the liners and then completely shaded for stunning lips .

We use Organic and high quality pigments to give you the best natural look.

*Organic Permanent Makeup is a revolutionary method of applying microscopic insertions of organic, vegetable and mineral based pigment molecules into the epidermis of the skin. This state-of- the-art technique is medically approved and specifically designed to be completely safe.

After the  treatment takes  up to 4 weeks to completely heal  of initial procedure. We strongly suggest that all clients schedule a follow-up appointment. The touch-up appointment is intended to fill in any areas  that may have been discolored during healing process. Final results cannot be determined until follow-up touch-up appointment is completed the cost is $80 . Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure and other factors. Annual touch-ups are recommended to prevent natural fading.

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